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Benefits of journaling

“Self-esteem and self-love are the opposites of fear; the more you like yourself, the less you fear anything.” - Brian Tracy

Hi Friends, I hope everybody’s doing well. Happy New Year. We have been so busy with so many projects that I have been postponing the blog post. Getting back in the groove. Did you miss me? Lol.

This time I want to share some bullet journaling with you for 2023. Just to give you some background I’ve been bullet journaling and using a standard planner for several years, but found that bullet journaling gives me more freedom and flexibility to be creative. It also helps me to be more focused and stay motivated. It especially helped me during the pandemic. I know many people are struggling with mental health and anxiety.

I want to share some of the benefits of bullet journaling or journaling in general:

  • Improves Mental Health. ...
  • Encourages Self-Confidence. ...
  • Boosts Emotional Intelligence. ...
  • Helps with Achieving Goals. ...
  • Inspires Creativity. ...
  • Boosts Memory. ...
  • Enhances Critical Thinking Skills.
  • And so many more benefits

Here's a few journal ideas for 2023 and in hopes this will give you some inspiration to start journaling.

2 Birds Boutique Journal tuk tuk bike

Front Page Cover - Dreamy vintage inspired.

2 Birds Boutique Journal January 2023 calendar
January 2023 Calendar.

2 Birds Boutique February 2023

 February Weekly Spread. I'm dreaming of Paris France. 

2 Birds Boutique Washi Tape Swatches

Washi tape clothing line inspired. 

Leave a comment below if you want to learn more about bullet journaling. Or share how you use your journal?

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