Travel versatility – 1 scarf 15 different style

Travel versatility – 1 scarf 15 different style

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How to style a scarf 15 different ways

When traveling I love taking pieces with me that are versatile. The oblong scarf provides this versatility option and they’re the perfect way to pull an outfit together. They are lightweight and hardly takes up bag space. Not only are they use to provide warmth for the winter or use as a light blanket on a cold plane, but can also be used in the summer as a beach sarong. You can even tie it around your purse or bag to give it a stylist look.

Our oblong animal print scarf below is available for purchase at our online store at  We love the combination of cream, brown, gray and light pastel pink for a classic look! It also has small detail fringe at the end. It’s neutral enough to go with many outfits. 

We also have our  Boat Life floral oblong scarf available for purchase to give you a different look. With abstract floral, pale blue, navy, and light pastel pink. It will take you from fun in the sun to a date night, out with friends, or for the office! It’s multipurpose nature means it can help solve problems in many areas. 

Here are the different ways to style an oblong scarf.

Different ways to tie a scarf

how to style a scarf different ways to style a scarf travel scarf
Leave a comment and let me know which ones you like or if you want to see a step by step on how to tie these. Would also love to see how you style your scarf.  
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